Cover Symposium 2017 - 18 May 2017


High up north lies the beautiful city of Groningen. The home of the University of Groningen and Study Association Cover for Artificial Intelligence and Computing Science. But Groningen is not only a hotspot for students and tourists, it also is home to a lot of innovative companies and startups. During this symposium on the 18th of May we want to give an exclusive insight into some of these companies. What do they do, and more importantly: how do they use artificial intelligence and computing science in their daily work. Everyone is welcome to join us, but registration is mandatory. Questions? Mail us!

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Time Activity
12:00-13:00 Lunch
13:00-13:55 Belsimpel
14:00-14:50 HackerOne
14:50-15:15 Break
15:15-16:05 Geodienst
16:10-17:00 SoundAppraisal
17:00-18:00 Borrel
(Programme subject to changes)


Geodienst is part of the Centre of Information Technology of the University of Groningen. Geodienst is the place to go within the university for all spatial problems or other things that have any connection with Geographical Information Systems. Next to that they also make their own projects, you might have seen the stemwegwijzer or the OV-fiets map!


Belsimpel started out as a webshop for taking your laptop online (Met je laptop online), but it quickly grew to the Belsimpel we all know now. In the past few years their service offerings further expanded, they now run 6 brick & mortar stores all over The Netherlands. Not only that: they have won several awards over the past few years for their outstanding service.


SoundAppraisal is another company founded in Groningen whose mission statement is the improvement of people's lives and health through the measurement and management of ambient noise. They strive to find out how sound affects people and measure what they call the soundscape of an area. Generally they can be found cooperating with music festivals in the Netherlands.


HackerOne is a vulnerability testing platform founded in Groningen in 2012. It is an open platform built for the express purpose of easing the administrative overhead when companies with security vulnerabilities pay bounties to the hackers who found them. As of the beginning of this year the platform has facilitated the payment of more than $14 million in bounties to around 100,000 hackers.

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Our lunch will be held at the Platformtheater. This lovely location is just across the street of the symposium location.

Boterdiep 46
9712LR Groningen


The symposium will be held at De Pijp. This old factory is transformed into a startup hub and is home to the characteristic pipe towering above the Ebbingekwartier.

De Pijp
Boterdiep 69-1
9712LK Groningen

How to get there?

By bus

The locations can be reached excellently by bus from both Zernike Campus and Hoofdstation. From Zernike Campus just hop onto line 1 (Hoofdstation via Station Noord) or 171 (Veendam via U.M.C.G.) and get off at Pijpstraat. This gets you right to the entrance of the Platformtheater across the street from De Pijp.
From Hoofdstation you can take line 1 (Zuidhorn via Station Noord / P+R Reitdiep via Station Noord) or line 2 (Korrewegwijk via Grote Markt) and get off at Pijpstraat. This brings you right to the enterance of De Pijp across the street from the Platformtheater. Plan your journey with Qbuzz.

By bike

Bikes can be parked in the racks placed all over the Boterdiep. Just make sure to lock it!

By car

Parking your car has never been easier for a symposium. Just park your car in the Boterdiep garage. This garage has three convenient entrances: two on Boterdiep (no. 45 and 85) and one on Bloemsingel 10. Take the pedestrian exit Boterdiep and turn right on Boterdiep.